Traveling as a woman.


1.Cultures are very different towards women all over the world. I do my best to appear that i do not need help when traveling. Also just like makeup, the right amount of blending its important. I prefer bright clothes to my photos, but after that I am part of the environment and not sticking out.

2.Take pictures of all your travel documents, your ID, passport, and flight information just in case you lose them. In case you don’t have Wi-Fi you don’t not have to look up emails.

3.Keep in contact with someone that knows your itinerary. Leave a trail to your hidden to your path, you can never plan for everything.

4.Always have a long skirt packed with yourself on anywhere you go. There’s many places like shrines, churches, and other organizations that will not let you in with uncovered legs or arms. I learned this the hard way, one example was i was not let into see ruins in Thailand, even under an open sky. It’s the worst feeling going so far and not being let in a destination.

5. Have a small pack to have at your side like a fanny pack, believe in yourself that you can pull this look off. It’s important to have things hands free, ready to take photos, and leave stuff on the ground. Also the closer to your body, the safer your money and passport are.

6.Pick the right car. In the US we will hail a cab off the street and have little worries in our safety of getting home. When traveling always have the hotel or restaurant will order the cab for you, they have a responsibility for you as a guest. If you have a bad feeling about a cab driver, go with your first instinct.

7.Hats,sunglasses, and scarves. Keep them on you, and keep a low profile.

8. This one is obvious but some cultures norms will make you feel like an outsider for being a woman. Muslim countries you must cover up. Buddhist countries you cannot sit next to or touch the monks. It’s good to know a few words in the other cultures language to know what is that society’s taboo.

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