Find out what kind of traveler you are based on your zodiac

Aries: The headstrong, a leader, strong passion, impulse driven, and the cardinal fire one. What places of interest would suit this sign? You want to accomplish a lot or at least expect to. Mars is a planet of conquers, and which two countries had long standing empires? Head to Italy or Greece. As an Aries you will find the history of Italy and Rome of much wonder, same for Athens and Greece. The Gods smile on those shores, the people have fire and passion as your sign. Enjoy the warm climate, while you cruise along the shores with the top down, and horns pointed at your next ancient conquest.
Taurus: Love of luxury and earthly pleasures, ruled by Venus and the beauty of the natural world. What places would suit your pallet and focused patience? India and Bali both have similarities in the natural world and pleasures of refinements. You will find ancient temples in jungles to different animal denizens. In markets find hundreds of spices and exquisite foods. Wear the finest silks to enjoy on you taurus self, and the bull is sacred in India. Lay out in the sun of these warm regions, and charge up the Bull inside.
Gemini: The charming communicator, belongs at the party, with the gathering of much variety and intelligence they can meet. Mercury guides you to the center of the most human of interactions. New York and Israel both are of multiple minds and duality as well. New York is one of largest networks of human language, information, and fun parties. Most would arrive through its harbor, welcoming the rest of the world. Each barrio brings so much variety that the twins would never get bored. Israel shares in New York the blending of the world cultures and religions. Being the center of the worlds news, a Gemini will find great intrigue in the region.
Cancer: The protector, the healer, the empath. Cancer must feel their surroundings, they must also go to a land with much nourishment from the oceans. The crab scurries along the shore, in feeding off the ocean, dodging waves, and finding a strong home. These regions for you would be found in areas such as Hawaii and Bibao in north of Spain in the Basque region. Hawaii is very tropical and so far away from any land you will feel safe in its isolation like a Cancer would. The coastline is all around breath taking ocean views and the soil is full of minerals from the volcanoes. The people see the land like a mother, and they treat it with the love as a child loves their parent. The people of the Basque region hold much love of the sea as well, the sea nourishes them and their legends of Atlantis feed into a Cancers mythology. They have stood firm from every surrounding culture. They have the highest area of Michelin rated restaurants, leaving a cancer’s tummy very satisfied.
Leo: The golden child, the sun, the royalty, the artist, the ruler and center of parties because you need to shine. Leo has a magnetism to bring all around them positive vibrations. They smile and others smile right back to the king and queen. You need a land surrounded by warmth and bright colors, a land where the parties are endless, and clothing is less important. Travel to areas such as Brazil and Ibiza. Here you may let down your hair, and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Even at night the bright colored parties and vibrant music will have your soul ignited. Carnival in Rio De Janeiro will make the Leo feel at home. While Ibiza has no winters and large stage festivals with world famous DJs, the Lion in you will roar with happiness.
Virgo: The perfectionist, the analysts, the messenger, and the doctor that can heal themselves. Mercury rules over Virgo, so their minds are constantly analyzing and communicating to others how to be helpful. A Virgo loves organization, like a librarian loves books. As an Earth sign and healer a Virgo needs perfection in their environment. Travel to the southwest of the US, places as Santa Fe or the healing vortexes of Sedona. The desert will bring you a beautiful panorama of natures perfection such as the grand Canyon. Mutable earth sign just like the sands that shift under your feet. Your quest for efficient success can also be found in Germany. The people of Germany seek to perform at the highest peak, in clean energy automotives or any other numerous things. As a Virgo, you will appreciate the well oiled machine approach. The German language is also quiet difficult for many, but with your gifts from Mercury, you will enjoy tackling the language. Gluckliche Reisen!
Libra: The peacemaker, the socialite, the lover, bringing balance and harmony to the world. As Venus dominated you look in the beauty of man made things. You love a city of romance and wondrous architecture. Places that bring this out in you would be Paris France and Istanbul. France has always been synonymous with elegance and charm. People still see Paris as the city of love, and the Eiffel tower will have you appreciate its a design of balance. Libra has the choice between a busy city or the quiet French country side, while having enough wine for both. Istanbul as well has much refinement from old Byzantine Emperors, to modern day Turkey. It a literal balancing point between Europe and Asia. A Libra will love the harmony of cultures in these places, as long as they can decide which place to go first!
Scorpio: The sorcerer, the fortune teller, brave, deep and dark. With the mysterious and seductive powers of Pluto, a Scorpio must feed their quest for uncovering secrets. Journey into the depths of the occult and unknown. New Orleans has always had a mystique about it, behind the veil of life. New Orleans, with the mysticism of Mardi Gras, to old historical landmarks and voodoo shops around the corner will entice a Scorpio. Pluto the planet of transformation and power will beckon a Scorpion to travel to Dubai and the Middle East. In Dubai you will feel the magnitude of the dry dessert and its towering city. The power of the city, with having the biggest skyscraper in the world, the police driving in Lamborghinis, and the fastest rollercoaster in the world, the Scorpio will find much intensity here. It’s a city that has had the fastest transformation, just like the phoenix, you will feel your hot intensity sore.
Sagittarius: The wanderer, the teacher, the philosopher with a heart of light. Blessed by Jupiter, to expand in all directions in this world. You need a land of open skies, and remote areas where only the luck of Jupiter could have got you there safely. The continent of Australia fits the needs of Sagittarius, free to roam the outback, or swim up to the coral reefs, where 80% of the wild life can hurt you, Sag luck will come into play. Your optimism belongs here with the people, who are always smiling right back. Now for more untamed lands, journey to the land of the horse lords and nomads such as Sag. Mongolia is the open steppe, it’s a sea of grass, that inspires to keep you roaming. The culture is of the four winds, and any Sagittarius would love to be full galloping on horseback, with a hawk on the wrist and wind at their back. Find your life philosophy here Sagittarius, in these far off lands.
Capricorn: The entrepreneur, the hard worker, driven, seeking efficiency, status and structure. The power of Saturn is wise as it is old, and it governs time. So it’s time for a much needed break for the sea goats. Plan a trip to China to see the great wall. It will have you impressed that people working together can build such mighty structures. China’s politics and work ethics will have your Capricorn intrigued. There is a reason most things are produced in China. Another land where the status of honor and family are of the most importance is Japan. Land of so many upheld traditions and history, a Cap would appreciate and understand well. Capricorns are happiest after climbing for status, your friends would be jealous of you and these grand trips.
Aquarius: The rebel, the scientist, the visionary, the eccentric. Aquarians are ahead of their time and love to observe. They see all people as just people, no one is better than another one. Can be social, but can enjoy alone time equally. A visit to Scandinavia will interest the water bearer especially Iceland. Iceland feels like nothing on this planet. The land feels alien but friendly. The people will happily sit with you in a hot spring and talk with you. Its also a land not without its own revolutions. Interestingly also the only country in the world without an army. Another location for an Aquarian would be Toronto, Canada. One of the most forward progressive thinking cities in the world. You will find Toronto a fun place for an Aqua to enjoy its museums and science centers. The city has multiple cultures and very friendly to visitors. Enjoy the uniqueness of these places, as unique as you are.
Pisces: The mystic, the dreamer, the dancer of emotions. A Pisces much like the other water signs feel their surroundings, and enjoy to immerse themselves. The sign of the fish would have a good time visiting New Zeeland and its dreamy landscapes. It’s the home of fantasy as Neptunian’s enjoy. Many of the locations were shot for the LOTR trilogy movies. The land is as well peaceful, with much of nature still preserved and surrounded by water. Another location for Pisces would be the clear sandy beaches of the Bahamas. People talk about Pablo Escobar using the islands and he was a Pisces rising himself. Visit the pink sands of places like Harbor Island, and dream away all your worries. Nothing heals a Pisces like the ocean waves do.

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