Carry on luggage.

The average carry on dimension is around 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches, here is a link for more specific airlines.

average weight is between 8 kilo 16 lbs – 11 kilo 25 lbs

As a woman I don’t like having carry ons when traveling but my favorite type of luggage is my over the shoulder puma bag. Its 11 inches x 7inches x 17 inches. This bag will fit in the overhead, seat in front of you or on your lap. This is why I’m not a fan of hard side spinner luggage. It’s important to have it resting on your shoulder and being hands free, especially when making your connecting flight. If you have to stay overnight at the airport, it’s a nice makeshift pillow. It’s very packable and you will save money on not needing to pay for carry on fees, as it can be called a personal bag.
Tablet, camera, camera battery+ charger, headphones, multi outlet converter adapter, USB cord
Back up Items:
Extra underwear and socks, extra shirt and thin lounge pants
Comfort Items:
Eye mask, refillable water bottle plus filter, inflatable travel pillow
Personal care items:
Tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, small Vaseline, hand sanitizer, chap stick, deodorant, small makeup accessories to your needs, hair brush, nasal spray, contact lens solution and glasses, sunglasses.
Ibuprofen extra strength, gum, mints, TSA approved snacks, antacid, anti Nausea, anti Diarrhea, prescription medicine, band-aids.
Money, jewelry, photo ID, passport, visa, travel itinerary, travel insurance, map, travel tickets, credit cards, hotel information, pen and paper, reading material, watch

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