Maine-Stephen King journey!

Maine what can I say about the state that is the northeastern most  state  in the US, that looks like it’s more part of Canada than USA yet still has those Traditional New England roots.  The rocky coastline, the seaside history and nature areas like Acadia National Park. Walk along the coast and see the candy striped Lighthouses, and enjoy lobster shacks because its Maine, you have to eat a lobster, it’s a rule somewhere.  Rent a cottage near the ocean, campgrounds are plenty, and so are places to swim or boat. All four seasons there’s something to do in Maine. Diva Empire Travel will go far into the dark side of Maine with the famous Stephen King and the locations based for his books. From Pet Semetery, Carrie, Graveyard Shift and the evil clown Pennywise from IT. While a let less eerie but still classic with Victorian era homes we have Portland, the largest city in Maine yet still small compared to other US cities with 66,215 populations. Maine is beautiful with a reach US history while being a very relaxed coast line state. Like they say “Breathe easy, you’re in Maine”.

Stephen King house

Maine in the day time is beautiful and majestic, very inspiring seeing the natural landscape but when the sun goes down, the darkness of Maine comes out. Stephen King well known author and native resident of Maine brings this American horror to his books and inspired by Maine itself. Several movie adaptions were made and filmed on location in the city of Bangor Maine. This is the city that influenced and inspired King’s most popular works. There are tour groups that take you to these landmarks or as Diva traveler we can explore them on our own. Starting off with Stephen Kings house itself at 47 West Broadway, Bangor, this is the Mecca for die-hard fans. You don’t get to go inside because Stephen King still lives here, but taking a photo at the gargoyle gate is worth it.  Next is the New

Franklin Laundry on 125 Fern Street, torn down to make way for new housing, but it did inspire the book “The Mangler” a story set in 1972.  The collection of stories named “Four Past Midnight” takes place in Bangor International Airport. The movie “Maxium Overdrive” has a gas station scene at Dysart’s Truck Stop at 530 Coldbrook rd Hermon.  Next on the list is the smiling giant Paul Bunyan Statue in the novel “Insomnia” this found in Bass Park, worth the scary photo.  Now for the scary locations from the sinister demon clown “IT”. We have the severe drain that Pennywise lured Georgie on the corner of Jackson and Union Street. Now the haunted water tower from IT can be found on Thomas Hill Road, called the Standpipe, the tour lets you get go inside and peer out to the distance. Last two locations we have the Bangor Waterworks at 1 Waterworks Rd, appearing in the movie “Graveyard Shift”, serving the home for the army of giant rats! So Diva’s beware.  Now my favorite and movie that gave me the most nightmares as a kid was “ Pet Semantary”. You can find it at Mount Hope Cemetery at 1048 State Street Bangor. Again if you see undead animals or people walking around, be sure to walk the other way! Stephen King to me is great author who inspires the suspense and thrills that makes it so real but just enough fiction to make your imagination go wild. So when this Diva is traveling the world you can definitely find a Stephen King novel near me to read, also it keeps people from bothering you when they see you reading a book about killer clowns or walking dead.

Acadia National Park is 47,000 acre Atlantic coast an unspoiled paradise, it covers Mount Desert island. It’s a great experience, even with a short walk you can get carried away. Start off the trek by visiting the resort town of Bar Harbor. A lively town with food shopping, hotels and many hidden gems. Bar Harbor is a stunning coastal beauty, enjoy the views of yachts and lobster boats. From there travel south down the coast along the many overlooks. Walk inland towards the national Park. Cadillac Mountain is the highest point on the North Atlantic seaboard, amazing place for a seaboard sunrise. Do the whole park if you have the time, great experiences and views.

Portland the city of light houses, if you’re obsessed with lighthouses like I am, then Portland is the city for you. A few good ones are

  • Portland Head Lighthouse
  • Bug light Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse
  • Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse
  • Ram Island Ledge Light station

They are historical icons to the shipping yards Maine is famous for. Just like how a lighthouse guides a ship in the night, this is why I enjoy them.  Other points of interests you have to check out Victoria Mansion a landmark example of American architecture, opulent furnishings and early technology of the era. Speaking of architecture and art, visit the Portland Museum of Art, started in 1882, is the largest and oldest public art institution in Maine. Finally for the breath taking views Casco Bay take a ferry and relax along the  stunning sunny days, a completely inexpensive way to see a different way of life.

The main Interstate highway in Maine is interstate 95, it travels northeast from the bottom into Canada. The first major city along the route is Portland and stopping to see Cape Elizabeth. Traveling about 55 miles North East we have the capital of Maine, Augusta. Focused on preserving and celebrating the state’s history, with the oldest surviving wooden fort in US and 224 acre park plus botanic garden.  From Augusta we drive for 76 miles to Bangor home of Stephen King. From Bangor we continue North on 95 to Baxter State park to visit Mt Katahdin the highest point in Maine. From Baxter you take 157, to 168 into 6 and finally highway 1 all the way down to Dennysville. From this point drive to Eastport and take ferry to Lubec. Now continue taking highway 1 Southeast along the Maine Coast which is called the Bold Coast Scenic Byway. Drive towards Acadia National Park to spend the day. After Acadia continue the 1 till you meet up Interstate 95 again.

Bonus inland roads:

  • Golden Road
  • Rangeley Lakes Byway
  • Grafton Notch Byway
  • Bold Coast
  • Katahdin Woods and Waters Scenic Byway
  • Pequawket Trail Scenic Byway
  • Schoodic National Scenic Byway

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  1. I’ve been to Maine, it’s a beautiful place, and pretty fantastic to visit, especially if you’re a Stephen King fan (which I also am!). Great suggestions and photos, as always!

  2. The East Coast is actually one part of the US that I haven’t visited other than a day trip to Boston. I LOVE your suggestions and I am also a Steven King fan !!!! AWESOME job as always DET AAA+++++++

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