September is a spectacular month for traveling Divas, the hot spots are now at a lovely temperature. Summer sunsets in Greece or Turkey will be unforgettable reminding us the evidence of summer is not yet gone. The colorful leaf display is soon to be bountiful, monsoons across the world are diminishing in power and the southern hemisphere is entering spring. Now is a great time for wildlife spotting in places like Africa. Diva empire travel is ready to provide a some inspiration with these suggestions. Pack those heels and catch those flights.

Natural Wonders :

Bay of Fundy Canada North America. Located between provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia with a small portion touching Maine. In this unique environment you get to experience the awesome power of the sea so vividly. The worlds highest tides come in and go in this huge bay. The tidal range is about 43 feet. Find yourself in the whirlpools and bizarre rocks attracting much wildlife. 

Namib Naukluft Namiba Africa. The terrain is so weird that will have you feel on a different planet. Discovering the dunes you must remember that Namibia is close to being the emptiest non polar nation on the planet. The land only gets 1 Inch of rain a year, but it is vastly beautiful, humbling and breathtaking. Come dusk you might see a herd of Oryx antelope, galloping across the dune crest, or a meerkat standing at attention. On a windless night, the silence of the desert is not for the faint of heart with the distant sound of hyenas. Swakopmund is a German built port that will be a great starting point.

High Tatras Slovakia Europe, Unspoiled mountain range along the border of northern Slovakia and southern Poland. The majestic peaks touching the sky, dark turquoise mountain lakes of glacier origins. Fresh waterfalls and high flying eagles. The Tatras offer much space to hike, glide, ride horses or swim.

Luxury and Romance:

Los Angeles USA North America This is were Hollywood dreams and superstardom rise and fall. A sprawling city and second only to New York as world known it is iconic. Visit Universal Studios, walk the hall of fame in Hollywood Boulevard or find some peace and quiet in Santa Monica mountains. Don’t forget Long Beach and Santa Monica beach for the quick swim and relaxing moment in the ocean. This is as California as SoCal gets.

Santorini Greece Europe. An extraordinary Landscape with romantic sunsets. A volcanic Paradise that must be seen to be believed. Raw and elemental beauty of the landscape with gleaming gravity defying villages. Santorini emerges from the deep blue Aegean Sea, it has an undeniable romance here with magical sunsets and dramatic colors over the water are unforgettable. September has the crowds diminish while very much alive to visit the dramatic beauty here!

Madeira Portugal Europe is a botanist dreams! Perfect for any Virgo to celebrate their birthday month! A garden of delight that rises from the Atlantic like the mythical Atlantis. 620 miles from Lisbon the capital of Portugal you will find what in 1419 Portuguese adventures discovered. A land that was rumored to be infested by monsters only to be a flower paradise of evergreen forests, tumbling waterfalls and sunny natural harbors. The island sub tropical climate is rich in variety of flora and exotic blooms. September is the ideal time to visit for the colors of the landscape begin to change. Madeira has the air of a secret garden, just waiting for discovery.

Festival and Culture:

Galway Ireland Europe, International shindig fueled by oysters and Guinness, the black stuff. At the end of September we have the Galway Oyster Festival in this charming Irish city. A four day festival we have the most carefully selected oysters with oyster opening championships. The Aran Islands, Connemara and the Burren are all on the doorstep of Galway, ready for your discovery. Take a walk along the dramatic rocky coast after all those Guinness and stop off after in a cozy bar to warm up, to start the craic all over again.


Munich Germany Europe, the finest beer festival in the world. Oktoberfest is now a late September fest and it is Germany’s Uber party. Spectacularly colorful parade of horse drawn floats, and more than 40 breweries come together. Munich likes to dub itself the beer capital of the world, because of its sex traditional breweries starting back in 1519. Business leaders, policy makers, the rich and beautiful all come to this premier fest. Once you have paired yourself out, step out to explore the sights of Munich, the stress are buzzing with excitement.


Beijing China Asia a culture steeped in tradition yet galloping into the future. Hutongs to High-rises, like China itself, Beijing makes few concessions to the visitor. You will find ancient imperial places and temple complexes in the Forbidden City. The lavish buildings whose roofs are topped with golden menagerie of dragons, phoenixes and other mythological creatures only find contrast to Tiananmen Square, the biggest public space in the world. Beijing has a appetite for change while still having a excess of ancient tradition for building.


Unforgettable Journeys

Vermont USA North America The prime place to see all the colors of the New England Fall. Maple, beech, and Ash frame trees along picture perfect clapboard villages. Foliage Festivals with its mix of mountains and meadows, Vermont is a special scenic corner of America. The rural northeast corner of the state is unspoiled and rural. Many locals have craft stands selling beautiful hand stitched quilts, hand knit items or homemade wooden crafts. In towns like these you are far from the tourist track, talk with the locals and share old fashioned pleasures with family and friends. 

Vermont Usa

Southern Turkey Europe, Sail from cove to cove on a gullet following the Lycian Way. Southwestern Turkey is believed to boast the most ancient ruins area for area than any other region in the world. Conquerors, traders and travelers have beaten a path to the mighty monuments. Glide through the calm waters past these wonders as the sun sparkles on the sea and you enjoy a meal of fresh fish. This is the total relaxation that cannot be surpassed. Your boat with continue through turquoise waters, pine forest lands and going ashore to pretty little towns to sip tea. The Mediterranean looks luminous here, shimmering and hazy in the heavy heat of the afternoon sun.


Bhutan  Asia, If you ever get to explore this Himalayan kingdom, count yourself as the lucky few. Only 18,000 tourists are let into Bhutan each year. The rewards are the ancient temples, festivals and the spiritual trekking. Bhutan is a land locked Buddhist kingdom, the high peaks are forbidden to climb because this is where the spirits dwell and smoking tobacco products are illegal as is hunting or fishing. Good news is the nation identified “Happiness” as more important than their GNP.


Active Adventures:

Colorado USA North America discover your inner cowboy on a dude ranch with a real outdoor adventure. Diverse landscape of arid desert, river canyons and snow covered Rocky Mountains. Elsewhere you have Mesa Verde Park and ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings. The largest city is Denver which is the capital and features a vibrant downtown area. Everything possible here in the great outdoors.

Breathtaking nature  and creating the most beautiful memories in this western state in USA.

Colorado Usa

Borneo Southeast Asia The biggest adventure is seeing a that friendly orange great Ape the orangutan. Envisage a lush dripping landscape, peat swamp forests and traditional villages with bamboo longhouses resting on stilts. Borneo is a living Eden, the third largest island in the world, it is known as the Island in the Clouds. Its no surprise that Borneo sets the scene for intrepid adventure, with great wildlife observation, mountain climbing, rain forest trekking and river rafting. Now imagine coming face to face with Borneo’s legendary head hunters the Dayak tribesmen. This is a land before time, with countless exhilarating adventures.


Tabarka Tunisia North Africa, sultan dining in a ancient Arab town. A coastal town located in North West Tunsia its history is colorful mosaic of Berber, Punic, Hellenistic, Roman, Islamic, Genoese and Turkish culture. The town is dominated by offshore rocks with the remains of a Genoese Castle. One of the main attractions is coral fishing and the Coralis Festival of underwater Photography and its annual jazz festival. This is the best season to visit in September for the temperatures.


Family Getaways:

Provence France Europe, Inspiration to artists, historians and bon voyeurs. Explore Roman monuments and Renaissance architecture in this provincial life. It was during September that Vincent Van Gogh completed his famous pictures of sunflowers in Arles, no surprise this is a glorious time to visit. While the full summer heat has left the skies and golden fields with grapes bursting to be picked. Even the flamingoes gather on the soft sand and the last of the bullfights take place in Nimes and Arles. Les Baux de provence is more of a citadel than a village with troubadour music, brightly patterned fabrics and with the sunshine to the south, your tan will not fade.


Wichita USA North America, called the world’s largest playground, because Kansas loves kids and family. Take a trip into space back in time on a African Safari all in one state. Visit Hutchison, Salina and explore the Flint Hills. Visit the Botanica Wichita including the wildflower meadow and Chinese garden. The museum of world treasures has Egyptian Mummies and a T rex Skeleton. A real great time for children who are fascinated with exploring.

Kansas Usa

Mallorca Spain Europe, a dreamy island that provided inspiration to Chopin and Miro. Marineland Dolphin and sea lion shows as well as the children’s beach attract many families. If your little one has a thing for trains, the antique train that travels between Palma and Soller is a must see. One of Spain’s Balearic islands it provides Roman and Moorish remains with a 13th century royal palace. Art Galleries and music festivals are always happening on this pleasant island getaway. 


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  1. Visiting Munich during Oktoberfest is on my list! Thanks for the fantastic suggestions, as usual.

  2. Outstanding as Always DET September is the best time for Festivals. I was in Ahlen, Germany for Oktoberfest when I was 13 THAT was a good time !!!! Boreno sounds like a well resting vacation paradise.

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