August travel destinations revealed!!!

Bryce Canyon USA

August is here and the sun is still hot and high in the sky, show off your inner Lioness and take on the world Diva Empire Travelers! We don’t only go for the picturesque we also keep the temperature just right for you. Southern parts of the hemisphere provide ideal warmth and winter hideaways in beautiful surrounds. Travelers’ lets began our August in some of the world’s greatest spectacles of inspiration! 


Natural Wonders: 

Yellowstone USA North America: Is untouched wilderness in the heartland of USA, it’s a great place to see bears ( if camping go bear proof) wolves, eagles and the big event Olde Faithful, the biggest geyser in North America. Be wary of the thundering Bison as well, don’t come closer than 40 yards, it won’t be pleasant haha

Yellowstone National Park

Glacier Bay USA North America: a solitude of ice and snow, newborn rocks, dreamy mysterious. Amazing Alaskan scenery too cool off to in the hot summer months. Home to bears, deer and summer flowers, the icebergs and glaciers will take your breath away.

Glacier Bay Alaska

Manu Rain Forest Peru South America. Few parts of the world can match the incredible variety of wildlife. One of the most important parks in the world, Filled with sights to amaze. Its Sheer wilderness, the scale and density of the jungle is breathtaking here; it doesn’t get much better than this.

Rain Forest Peru

Luxury and Romance:

Verona Italy Europe a magical opera season in a Roman amphitheater. Sit under the stars, with classic Italian opera in an ideal setting where Shakespeare most famous love story Romeo and Juliet had taken place. Old world romance comes to life.

Verona Italy

Sierra De Gredos Spain Europe, summer evenings in green mountain valleys. This is one of Spain’s best kept secret. Mountains containing castles and convents. Beautiful old villages and lovely hotels in superb locations. The summer nights will have you feel amour.

Sierra De Gredos Spain

The Hamptons USA North America little towns and superb beaches of Long Island. Rent a house and join the scene with all the celebrity hot spotting. East Hampton is home to high end restaurants, bars and designer boutiques. This is a summer seaside destination so don’t miss out.

Long Island The Hamptons

Festivals and Culture:

Lucerne Switzerland Europe the cosmopolitan Fairytale in this medieval town. It’s one of the world’s most beautiful cities while creating a most exciting concert experience. There are five days of festivals and none should be missed, also remember the Swiss do take their punctuality seriously!

Lucerne Switzerland

Kandy Sri Lanka Asia Honoring the tooth, the religious capital of Buddhism in Sri Lanka and home to the temple of the Tooth. This festival of Esala Perahera is the largest Buddhist celebration in the world and draws into its fold nearly a million people each year. Very worth the experience! 

Sri Lanka

Edinburgh Scotland Europe The world’s largest art Festival, full of passion, creativity and fun. With everything from world class performers to new comedy. The passion in Scotland’s capital can’t be matched! The world’s largest art Festival, full of passion, creativity and fun. With everything from world class performers to new comedy.  This capital is compact, hilly, with medieval Old towns, elegant Georgian New Town and gardens set in neoclassical buildings. Its also home to Scotland’s crown jewel the Stone of Destiny, used in coronations. The passion in Scotland’s capital can’t be matched and it will feel like a personal destiny to anyone!

Edinburgh Scotland

Unforgettable Journeys:

Black Forest Germany Europe more welcoming than its name if you ever wanted to see the dark looming forests out of a fairy tale, this is your best opportunity. Remote and quaint it’s a friendly place to visit. If you make it to the mountains this area is famous for its hot springs and invigorating healing powers, magical and mystic.


North Cape Norway Europe travel by ship up the Norwegian coast line. Far above the Arctic Circle the North Cape offers arctic adventures like dog sledding in the winter and months of never ending sunlight in the summer. Under the midnight sun round the dramatic cliffs.


Trans-Siberian Russia Europe a spectacular experience that lasts 10 days. 8,000 miles of Russia Mongolia and China that is a definitive train ride. The stylish way to travel this vast land. Built between 1891 and 1916, something to really write adventures on.

Trans-Siberian Russia

Active Adventures:

Queenstown New Zealand Australia the adventure capital of the world, a vast natural theme park for thrill seekers. All this inspiring terrain action is set against the picture postcard backdrop of lakes Wakatipu and Wanaka. When taking a break from the thrills, enjoy top notch cuisine, bars, pubs and partying

New Zeeland

Rio Sella Spain Europe, One of the world’s liveliest whitewater rivers. Race against the steep vibrant river in Northern Spain. A real test of skill and speed. Do not miss the annual international kayaking race.

Rio Sella Spain

Columbia River USA North America, a gorgeous inland utopia for windsurfers. The gorge of the Columbia in Oregon creates unique conditions for the beginners and experts from around the world. Test what you can muster on this gushing river.

Columbia River Oregon USA

Family Getaways:

Slovenia Europe great value for camping in an undiscovered country. With a network of well- equipped camps in delightful woodland settings. Blessed with snowcapped mountain peaks and glacial valleys, this is perfect for families seeking a camping holiday. With the campgrounds large and well equipped this offers the chance to really get a feel for this alpine land.


Costa De La Luz Spain Europe undiscovered coastline that has much to offer. Tight clusters of old, square edged white houses and churches, from a distance looking like a child’s building blocks. Ideal place to bring children and relax. In recognition of its exquisitely clear light a line of great broad beaches facing the Atlantic. Easy going and friendly that seems lost everywhere else.

Costa De La Luz Spain

Bryce Canyon USA North America weird and wonderful scenery that never fails to fascinate. The bizarre stone pillars called ‘hoodoos’ can be seen by car or paths. This Utah canyon is a great fist experience of hiking for children. Let the family explore these carved natural rocks.

Bryce Canyon USA

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  1. Sierra De Gredos Spain seems like the ultimate getaway during these uncertain times. Brice Canyon is also a must see !!! Keep the seasonal suggestions coming DET AAAA+++++++++

  2. These are some great suggestions, thanks (I can fully endorse Lucerne, it’s a beautiful place)! Looking forward to your next update.

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