July best travel places revealed!


Summer is officially here in the north and its time to take advantage of the clear skies, bright sun and long days! Diva Empire Travel has all details on the vibrant festivals, colors and sounds of a hot hot summer. July brings fireworks, July brings living the month that we all deserve from the rest of the hard working year. From running with the Bulls in Spain to blowing up fireworks in true Indpendence fashion in the US or Paris. Time to experience, be motivated and summer free again my wonderful Diva Travelers.


Natural Wonders:

1.San Juan Islands USA North America.  Escape to these savage but beautiful islands. The early morning chill brings curtains of mist off the water. Your kayak gently gliding on the water as you see a pod of orcas swim by and spray you. Travel between the 5 islands as you navigate between natures beauty and fine restaurants and galleries at Friday Harbor.

San Juan Islands

2.Malawi, Malawi Africa Expierence  the warm heart of Africa, landlocked country in southeaster Africa. Lake Malawi has a diverse wildlife from vibrant fish to wild baboons. The Clear waters are popular for diving and enjoy the pristine beach resorts.


3.Mount Lushan China, one of the most astonishing natural sights. Famed in poetry and art as Mt Lushan rises over the misty lakes, rivers and waterfalls. One of the most renowned mountains in the country. Very awe inspiring. 


Luxury and Romance:

1.Tahiti and Bora Bora Polynesia. The original island paradise you would see in movies, with dazzling turquoise seas and seductive tranquility. If you can manage to break away from the peace, suggest to go cannoning, diving or take a picnic to your own desert island.


2.St Tropez France Europe. Enjoy the heart of Rivera life and spot celebrities along the way. Stars descend on this famous spot of summer. Take in the scenes in the hills above the town, and feel the cool off in the breeze.


3.Taormina Italy Europe , the flavor of ancient Greece and secluded sunny terraces. From lovely villas and the most elegant resorts, you can view the ancient ruins and views of the bay of Naxos and Mount Etna.


Active Adventures

1.Greenland Denmark Europe. Daunting landscape at the top of the world. Be the rugged explorer, take a dogsled to far reaching locations. Search for musk ox and polar bears or take a boat trip to Disko bay to visit an Inuit village. The land holds massive adventures.


2.Grand Canyon USA North America. Raft down this natural wonder for a different perspective. There are thousands of Canyons to see, the best is to get a above ground view  to get a real sense of this land. Don’t forget to travel down below as well for some riverside camping and boating.


3.Sardinia Italy Europe. Porto Pollo is a world class destination to kite or windsurf. The conditions are ideal for the experienced surfers. Perfect beaches and wild reefs give you a sense of fun and adrenaline.


Unforgettable Journeys:

1.Spitsbergen Norway Europe. A journey to the Arctic north. Summer is the only time you can have accessibility to this rich wildlife and remote arctic exploration. The wild tundra here has polar bears roaming their home space while having chances to spot Svalbard reindeer or a wandering Arctic Fox. Fun fact there are more polar bears than people here, enjoy!


2.South Nahanni Canada North America. Canoe or raft through a real whitewater wilderness. Seaplanes can take you to the lakes to begin this unforgettable river trip through giant canyons, rapids and forests. Spot a moose or bear, I’m sure you will row even faster.


3.South Coast Wales Europe. Imagine a string of imposting castles that run along an impressive coastline. These mighty monuments set amid the softly rolling hills of South Wales and beautiful national Parks. With the lush green valleys and windswept mountains, with more castles than even Scotland, follow the tales of King Arthur and the legend of one of his knights that lies deep and fast asleep above the river Cennen.


Festivals and Culture:

1.Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Caribbean. The Fiesta de Merengue is here! Travelers here can dance till they drop at this annual festival. The high energy, bands playing hot tropical beats all along the cites historic waterfront. The oldest city in the Caribean, walled with cobblestone historic core, buildings going far back as 1500s including the first cathedral build in the new world.


2.Pamplona Spain Europe. This festival is known all over the world. The running of the bulls in Fiestas de San Fermin. The highlight of this annual 9 day festival is the famous bull run through the medical town. It gets even better  when the streets open up and the partying begins.


3.Paris France Europe. Bastile day is a noisy fun tradition in the city of lights. Celebrate with dancing on July 13 at Place de la Bastille. Military parades, fireworks and more parties the following day. Revolution in the city that began in, enjoy the excitement of Paris.


Family Getaways:

1.Calgary Canada North America. Action packed rodeos and a flavor of the wild west. The longest 8 seconds in the world is an eternity for a cowboy who has their grips with hands, knees and heart to the horse or bull as they twist beneath him. The main even is in Grandstand, Rodeo in the afternoon and Chuckwagon races in the evening, followed by high energy musical show and fireworks. Prepare your best Yee Haw!


2.Washington DC USA North America. Celebrate the 4th of July in style of the nation’s capital. The city has world class msuems and historical monuments all lit up by fireworks on the nation’s Independence Day. Handsome city build to human scale. there is nothing stuffy about this well ordered, historic city, beneath its austere surface, you wind a very modern heart to it.


3.Copenhagen Denmark Europe. Magic and Enchantment in a wonderful waterside location. With Tivoli the worlds most magical amusement park at its hear, the can boat sightseeing add fairytale castles and stories by Hands Christian Andersen for a great holiday with the family. This magical city with its medieval cobblestone streets and traditional neighborhoods  with cafes and art galleries are treasure troves of beauty. Diva Empire Travels recommends to visit the Black Diamond, a daring waterfront addition to the 17 century Royal Library, where old and new compliment each other.


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