June where to travel? based on your interest…

June marks the start of the summer, warm weather and longer days. The Diva’s around the world have been indoors for too long, and now we are ready for the season of traveling.  Europe and USA have the pleasant weather, while Australia is cooling off. Middle East, North Africa, and parts of Asia maybe too hot to handle now, but beach resorts still provide the cool breezes. So let the inspiration of travel go into high gear, here are your June picks for the best of the best travel spots.


Luxury and Romance

  • Mauritius ,Indian Ocean. Luxury resorts along the beaches, lagoons and reefs. The interior is mountainous and amazing hikes within the Black River Gorges National Park. Ease the day away in the Botanical Gardens, and drift slowly away on the white sands, as soft as talc.
  • Turks and Caicos Caribbean.  Deluxe spa treatments, and long powdery sands. Coral islands in the Atlantic ocean. It’s a pristine paradise with many life’s luxuries to enjoy. Simple divine pampering, between these two islands.
Turks and Caicos
  • Rome, Italy Europe. One of the most splendid romantic places in the world. So much history, a major city for over two millennia. From the Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica, and pantheon, Rome is a living museum but also a very much living city. Enjoy real luxury and romance in this eternal city.

Natural Wonders

  • Kodiak Island USA North America, with the salmon running this time of year, the large Alaskan bears come to play. You will see an astonishing amount of moose, foxes, seals, orcas and birds across everywhere. Separated from mainland Alaska this Archipelago is a great wild escape.
  • Reykjavik Iceland, Europe, explore this literal land of ice and fire, just like in Game of Thrones.  It’s a paradise of the truly unique things on earth. The glaciers, lava fields, thermal spas and waterfalls, it’s a geologist’s dream.
  • Pantanal Brazil, South America. The world’s largest freshwater wetlands. Tropical wetland that stretches over 195,000 square kilometers. This is Brazil’s best kept secret where the animals are far more visible than the rainforest. With over 10million crocodiles you are bound to run into a few.

Festivals and Culture

  • Barcelona Spain Europe a top destination for great culture, nightlife and beaches. This city is different by design, its home to La Rambla, a mile- long promenade, from the center of the city to the sea. Its medieval core and tiny alleys open up into romantic squares. Visit during the “Night of Fire” on June 23rd. It is a giant frame of fireworks, cannot be missed.
  • Nashville and Memphis USA North America. Two musical centers home to both country and blues guitar.  These Tennessee Rhythms are country music finest. Memphis on the other hand is really cook up the down home  blues and rock music. Visit Sunrecords, where legends such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and the king himself Elvis got his start. A Graceland tour is a must if you’re a fan of green shag carpeting in the Jungle room of the King. The BBQ is a must while enjoying it to some of the best blues in America
  • Cusco Peru South America, the Inti Raymi, the festival of the sun a summer solstice celebration. Once was a capital of the Inca Empire is now the archaeological capital of the Americas. The other half is Spanish colonial, a very lively place to stay.

Unforgettable Journeys 

  • Greek Islands Greece Europe, create your own odyssey on a island hopping holiday. Hundreds of islands to explore around the seas of mainland Greece. It’s a spectacular scene, of these full of life islands, peppered among the warm waters of the Mediterranean sea
  • Jefferson National Forest USA North America. On the Appalachian Trail, west central of Virginia. Beautiful country to enjoy the sites of and sounds of nature. Take advantage  and ride through these most Eastern forests in the states. 
  • Halong Bay Vietnam Asia, sail along the 3,000 limestone isles. The emerald waters surround the rainforest and sandy beaches islands. From caves to undersea coral reefs to explore. The landscape here is haunting, dramatic, and unforgettable

Active Adventures

  • Stanley Idaho USA Outdoor activities and jaw dropping scenery. You’ll find hundreds of high mountain lakes and world class rock climbing.  Fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking and whitewater rafting are all popular and accessible. This is a special place that will keep your adventures going.
  • Yunnan China USA a landscape encompassing snowcapped mountains, rice terraces, lakes and deep gorges. Lijiang is one of the prettiest towns in China and Kunming known as “Spring City” one of the most divers with many museums and temples. One of the most gorgeous hikes you will ever take. Venture into the world’s deepest gorge named Tiger Leaping Gorge, so narrow that the sides of the mountains are almost vertical.
  • Carpathians Romania Europe. Take a horseback ride and trek through these haunting hills. The tower covered meadow are unspoiled as the mountains. See as Dracula’s castle looms over the land. Home to spruce forests, brown bears, wolves and lynxes. A trip into the dark legends.

Family Getaways

  • Dalmatian Coast Croatia Europe. A coastline of crystal waters, and picturesque islands. These Adriatic jewels are a happy combination of historic fortified towns, roman ruins, Venetian palaces Byzantine churches and miles of coastline. Nothing beats eating a freshly grilled fish eaten on a shady sea view terrace, washed down with good local wine
  • Big Island Hawaii USA North America, off season June is the best for cheap deals and great weather. Enjoy the pleasant weather and the island culture that will have you saying “wow” every few minutes. Explore the volcanoes with real hot lava flows, and snorkel in perfect clear filled water.
  • Nikko and Nara Japan Asia, immerse yourself in Japans original capital home to many heritage sites. Many famous temples and artworks some from the 8th century. Wander through Nara Park where deer free roam  among the cherry blossoms. For the kids throw in manga, Hello Kitty and monkeys and you have a fun family trip.

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