Stockholm in 2 days, detailed itinerary!


Stockholm the capital of Sweden is my officially my favorite city in Scandinavia. Compared to other cities, it keeps many of its old architecture, canal system, royal palaces while adding very progressive ideals, modern living, and quirky artists.  Often called the “Venice of the North” it encompasses a number of islands, peninsulas as the lake outflows into the Baltic. The city is highly efficient, from underground railway system, regular bus networks, and proper bicycle lanes.  The city itself is 750 years old with symbols still of its great power from the 17th and early 18th centuries.  You cannot fake the energy of this city. Even if the winter months are long, the city springs into vibrant life. This is a guide for two full packed days in this Nordic city, which may not be enough, but Diva Empire Travel will do its best.


1.Day one Stockholm:

  • 9am-12pm First it’s very beneficial to know Sweden’s transportation system. Diva Empire Travel recommends purchasing the Hop-On, Hop-Off bus and boat tour for around $40. This will let you have the reliability of travel and seeing everything that would peak your interest from the street and canals. From the canal tour you will get to see the famous royal palaces, museums, and city hall.
  • 12:00pm-1:30pm ABBA Museum.  This should be stop 5 on the boat tour. Diva Empire Travel recommends this museum even if you aren’t a fan of the band. Before visiting this museum I never listened to their music, but they are so world renowned, once you step into their world, it’s contagious. You can sing karaoke; see all their outfits, all collections of guitars for the era, everything it kept really well up to date.
  • 2pm-5pm get off on the stop for Gamla Stan, here you will get to enjoy some of the old town square dating back to the 13th century. Beautiful in the heart of Stockholm.  Plenty of shopping and feeling Stockholm to its city core. You are transported to medieval times, through labyrinth winding streets and mysterious vaults. Top landmarks here are Stockholm Cathedral, the Nobel Museum, and the Royal Palace (be sure to catch the changing of the guard). Grab some lunch and coffee in some of the many famous Cafes like “Drop Coffee” or “Johan and Nystrom”. Try a cardamom a stape of Swedish desert.
  • 4pm-6pm Sodermalm located south central part of Stockholm, and the most densely populated it has a mix of everything.  The neighborhood now is home to mix of vintage shops, cafes, hip clubs, local dive bars and tasty restaurants.  After taking the walking tour along the canal, we have two options to check out depending on your interests. For great aerial views of the city head west to Skyview, a world class attraction that puts you in a globe to get a high 360 view of the city(closes at6pm). If viewing the art of photography is more your thing, head east into Sodermalm to “Fotografiska”. View compelling photos, in three large exhibitions. Third floor has food and drinks, and on some nights a Dj turning it into a dance club.
  • 7pm+ Hop on the Stockholm’s metro to head back north. You are in for a treat because this isn’t just any metro. Some consider it the most beautiful subway in the world. The designers of this station left the exposed rock and painted it different colors and designs depending on the station. You will feel like in a sci-fi movie, it really is a far out experience. With more than 90 networks, 100 stations, sculptures, rock formations, mosaics, paintings, done by over 150 different artists. It’s really captivating for a train station.  Head to Stockholm Central Station.
  • Evening Nightcap Just outside the station, we will be visiting the worlds original Ice Bar, Stockholm’s worlds first permanent bar made of ice. Set in 19 degree Fahrenheit, the bar has room for 60 people. The interior is filled with renewed ice sculptor designs every year, from Viking ships, ice to thrones, and animal figures. Enjoy your evening drink in a slice of the arctic North.

2.Day Two Stockholm:

  • 8am Drottningholm Palace, plan an early start because it’s about a 40 min drive to get to. This is the private residence of the Swedish royal family. This palace is comparable to Versailles, with over 400 years of renovations and additions, it’s a very popular tourist destination.  Be sure to check out the palace theatre and Chinese Pavilion(18th century), and marvel at the expanse of both Baroque and English gardens.
  • 12pm Stockholm City Hall with its iconic spire featuring the golden Three Crowns.  Built from around eight million bricks, this is a prime example of national romanticism in architecture. Open to the public with guided tours, you can also climb inside the tower and enjoy a fantastic view over the city. Check out the Golden hall, decorative mosaics and the site of the Nobel Prize banquet. A must see Landmark! Be prepared for crowds of people taking lots of photos.
  • 2pm Ostermalm one of the largest and populated areas in Stockholm, with many high end residential areas. Posh neighborhood with many  great restaurants to choose from, such as Restaurang Hantverket for authentic Scandinavian menu or if you’re feeling like Mediterranean try Kouzina. After shopping and coffee Diva Empire Travel recommends either going to The Swedish History Museum, to explore the biggest Viking exhibits in the world, with a gold room loaded with gold and silver treasures with other unique Medieval Art.  The other option is the Dramaten (Royal Dramatic Theatre) center of the nation’s most intriguing performing arts. With white marble stones and glittering gold, it’s a height of elegance. One must do while visiting in Ostermalm is taking the Strandvagen walk along the waterfront. A beautiful street to see the impressive hotels along with ships on the water.
  • 6pm Kungliga Operan The Royal Swedish Opera. Opened in 1782 this is one of the most splendid interiors I have ever seen. World class performances, luxurious seating, old costumes in glass cases, every detail looks amazing, even the toilets are spectacular! Visit or book a excellent performance with many to choose from. Who doesn’t want to see the big lady sing in all her Viking gear!
  • Evening, back to the hotel, it’s getting late, get some good rest; you deserve it after seeing so much in just two days in Stockholm

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