COVID 19-safest travel destinations to visit after PANDEMIC is over!:)


As we keep hearing the word CORONAVIRUS in the Cardi B voice, and enough watching Tiger King with Carol Baskins, we are giving travel options for isolation in paradise! Hopeful as we are at the midpoint of this pandemic, we here at Diva Empire Travel want to give you a list of destinations with very low Covid-19 numbers and high numbers of gorgeous sceneries. The traveler in us is waiting and the approaching dates are coming, and we know those flight prices are still low. Traveler stimulus package!


1.Saint Pierre and Miquelon (1case) North America. South of the Canadian island of Newfoundland. You get a very nice French atmosphere, from the food to the architecture. The island even has fun mobster ties to Al Capone and rum smuggling in the 1920s. The history of this island goes far back in the 1700s as British and French would go back and forth in occupation. The result is an amazing island with a European flair.


2.Papua New Guinea (2cases) Oceania. Southwestern Pacific eastern half of New Guinea. Much to see on this island, with the immense biological diversity from active volcanoes, to dense rainforests and vivid coral reefs, it’s very captivating. The indigenous culture of its people from masks, to costumes and their seafaring instruments is wondrous.  Hike the Kubor Range, climb Mt Micheal or gaze at Tavurur, the most active volcano on the island. Feel truly alive with so much Mother Earth at your feet.


3.Caribbean Netherlands (3cases) South America. A must if a beach vacation is your desire. Six hidden gems that will give you relaxing getaways. Saint Martin with its 37 beaches, Curacao with its vibrant homes, Aruba for its shopping boutiques, Bonaire for the scuba diving, Statia Island for the most isolation, and Saba for the highest point in the area. Enjoy the island hopping among the deep blue oceans and clear skies.


4.British Virgin Islands (3cases) Central America Caribbean.  For a premier Sailing destination these islands can’t be beat. The most sought out views are the colorful coves and granite boulders of The Baths in Virgin Gorda. Swim in the turquoise waters of Tortola, and enjoy the nightlife after the sun sets on the western edge. Go scuba dive near Angegada Island with over 300 wrecks to explore. Trek through the jungles of Sage Mountain National Park to take a break from the beaches. The islands give you a secluded paradise where you can just sail the days away.


5.Anguilla (3cases) Eastern Caribbean North America from long sandy stretches to hidden coves. A good place to start is in the valley, the city’s capital. Shop, eat, talk with the locals and lay out on the beaches. Anguilla has 33 beaches; the most popular is Shoal Bay East. Its set up for day trippers from St Martin which is 30 mins to travel. Plenty of bars and rental places a must see and recommend of making a day of it. Anguilla is a very small island, perfect for social distancing!    


6.Sao Tome Principe (4cases) Central Africa. African island close to the equator.  Blessed with natural beauty, relaxed vibes and Portuguese creole flavor. Emerald jungles and soaring volcanic peak leaves a lot to take in. Obo National park has its dense forests, waterfalls, also having its white and black sandy beaches. Take the day to explore the coastline and see dolphins and whales playing in its waters. Swim the Blue Lagoon with the immense diversity of marine life and discover many bird species perched in the giant baobab trees. Be sure to check out the Cascata sao Nicolau waterfall, just bursting out of the wall of the jungle. Cao Grande Peak is a view to behold a needle shaped volcano just piercing the sky! A mix of two worlds, enjoy this African paradise.  


7. Bhutan (5cases) South Asia, Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas. Known for its monasteries, fortresses, steep mountains and valleys. Paro Taktsang a sacred Buddhist site built right into the mountainside, the culture icon of Bhutan. Punakha Dzong, majestic structure, housing the sacred relics and Administrative Centre of Bhutan. Trek the Zuri Dzong Hike, extraordinary view of the sun soaked valley that will have our spirit soaring. The culture is rich in its heritage spanning thousands of years. True Zen and meditation awaits for you in this heaven on earth.


8.St Barthelemy (6cases) French Caribbean island North America. Lavish lifestyle with harbors full of yachts, high end restaurants and historical attractions going back to the 17th century. Visit Shell beach where an unusual amount of seashells wash ashore. This is like the Hamptons of the Caribbean, sip on your champagne and toast to an unforgettable vacation.


9.Mauritania (7cases) Northwest Africa, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara desert. Discover the hidden treasures of the Sahara desert. Land of traders and travelers. Modern theorists even hold that the Richat Structure are the ruins of ancient Atlantis! Banc d’Arguin National Park holds some of the richest fishing waters in Western Africa, and a major breeding site for migratory birds. Bay of Arguin many battles fought during the Dutch-Portuguese War, a fascinating undiscovered land, where the sands flow and the skies are endless.


10.Greenland (11cases) North America the world’s largest Island, it will make you feel cooler than you really are! Locates between the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean. If you are not a fan of super-hot climates then this is your Island Destination! Many outdoor activities, kayaking, dog sledding, whale watching and the Aurora Borealis! The Inuit have their legends and so do the Vikings of this uncharted land. Vast tundra’s and immense glaciers, the frost winds will get you healthy and vigorous!


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