APRIL BEST TRAVEL DESTINATIONS (for every kind of traveler)!

As we adventure into the next month of April we hope the Covid -19 virus alleviates and people began to feel some relief.  Diva Empire Travel knows the world has slowed down and while many of us is quarantined at home this is a perfect time to plan out the world traveling in the upcoming months. We will get through these crises and again enjoy the beautiful trips coming up. 

Luxury and Romance:

1.Perhentian Islands Malaysia, castaway beaches that will let you get away from it all. Enjoy diving and snorkeling, as you get to see huge sea turtles, clownfish, blue spotted rays, and black-tipped reef sharks. The Palm trees, white sands and crystal clear water is an indulgent paradise. 


2.Santa Ynez Valley California, centered in Santa Barbara’s wine country its and ideal rural escape. With over 70 world class wineries, romantic inns, and top notch restaurants, you will have many choices to relax and indulge in all these temptations.


3.Puerto Vallarta Mexico is a playground for lovers. This getaway retains of the Hollywood glitz while having pleasant beaches to get away from the bright lights. This Mexican beach resort city will have anything you need to enjoy the marine life and night life.


Natural Wonders:

1. Volcan Arenal Costa Rica, spectacular volcano in the heart of Central America. One of the top ten most active volcanoes in the world, creating glowing lava flows, ash columns and roaring explosions. This is a sight to see the raw primal power of our world. Zipline through the jungles, soak in the natural Hot Springs, hike to La fortuna Waterfall, or go Spelunking at Venado Caves, there is much to discover.


2.Galapagos Ecuador, a group of secluded volcanic islands that have unique species of plant and animals only found here. April is the best month to see the giant tortoises, sea turtles, baby sea lions and the blooming island flowers. This is where Charles Darwin was inspirited to write his theory of evolution, from the diversity found here.


3.Iguacu Falls Brazil see the immense power of the largest waterfalls on the planet. The falls are so massive they are shared by the countries of Brazil and Argentina. This is one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world to see the raw strength of water crashing down at such volume.


Festivals and Culture:

1. Stratford England, April 23rd combines Shakespeare’s birthday parade with St George’s Day. Visit Warwick Castle for the live siege engines demonstrations. This is the time for Parades, parties, falcons and medieval weapons

2. Kyoto Japan, stages a holiday of traditions, nature and sleek modernism. Visit this ancient capital during Sakura matsuir (Cherry Blossom Festival) and witness the reverence of Japanese traditions centuries old.


3. Savannah USA, a city rich in history and much Southern hospitality. April is the perfect time to visit as the gardens bloom and the scenery is most picturesque. Visit the annual Garden Expo and walk through the elegant squares of Southern delights.


Unforgettable Journeys:

1.Amsterdam Netherlands explore the canals in this characterful capital. Witness the tulips, while sitting in cafes looking upon the the architecture that cannot fail to inspire. April is the time for the carnival, so do not miss the Queen’s Birthday celebration.


2. Fjord Cruise Norway, see the shores of Norway in a working ship. Traverse the fjords and see the gods of old in these natural wonders. You may not get first class luxury, but the views are breathtaking. Natures craft chiseled by glaciers, this landscape is unforgettable.


3. Shanghai China, hundreds of exquisite journeys in one city. Walk down the historic Bund, taken an elevator up a skyscraper, go back in time to the Old City. This is Chinas biggest city and global financial hub, the possibilities are endless here.


Active Adventures:

1.Petra Jordan,the rose city, be the Indiana Jones of your own story. Discover this lost city out of the pink rock in the desert landscape. This ancient city has magic in its walls. Camp out under the myriad of stars in Wadi Rum.


2.Picos De Europa Spain, the adventure is in the stunning mountains. This is Spain’s most beautiful natural playground. Take a cable car to the peak of the mountain and trek down. Explore the river Deva by kayak. This stretch of land is wondrous.  


3. Bucksin Gulch USA, many underground caverns to explore. This is a different type of hike that offers subterranean tours into this spectacular underworld. The stone here is colorful to the imagination, take the tour through Colorado’s longest slot canyon.


Family Getaways:

1.Athens Greece, the city thats art and philosophy has shaped the Western World. Monuments and museums to explore by day. Many restaurants, clubs and bars by night. April is the time to see the important festival of Easter for the Greek Orthodox. Enjoy the deeply layered culture of this captivating capital.


2.Orlando Florida USA, plenty of fun in this family friendly state. Take the family Walt Disney’s theme parks, or the major motion picture rides in Universal Studios. There’s also stretches of sandy beaches to take away worries and leave relaxing in its place.


3. St Kitts and Nevis Caribbean, two small islands with big family fun to enjoy. Ride the sugar train, explore Brimstone hill Fortress. Walk through the rain forest, go snorkeling or just lay the day away on the beach. There are cloud shrouded mountains, crater lakes, and verve monkeys that scurry along. Safe and fun family getaway.


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