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March out of the house in March and into the world! Here we go again with our Diva Empire Travel monthly trip suggestions! Don’t wait for glimpses of spring; we will bring you the gorgeous locations because the world doesn’t stop spinning and neither do our travels


Unforgettable Journeys:

  • Route 66 USA, go west and you decide how wild it will be! Take this iconic road trip in the heart land of USA. Historically it was a trip of promise and bounty such as the gold rush. Now it delivers a bounty of fun adventure, bring as many people into the car as you can and begin this trip west of discovery!

  • Douro Cruise Portugal, drives down this beautiful valley from port to port. Dine in the exquisite “pousadas”, while following this wine route. The drive has many older monasteries, cathedrals and 16 century gardens to explore along the way. Classy and refined road trip

  • Victoria Coast Australia, do you enjoy cute animals such as penguins and koalas? This is a drive for you! Drive down the south coast to Philp Island to see the dapper penguins in all their wobbliness. From there the drive continues to Wilsons Promontory National Park to see both Koalas and Kangaroos, to see them in their natural habitat, doing what they do best, being cute.


Luxury and Romance:

  • The Isles of Scilly England, has many luxurious hotels, lush gardens and will have your relaxed with the pace you set. To top it off rent one of the helicopter services, enjoy the beautiful sea views, while still being in a welcoming climate. This will raise the romance level sky high

  • Paris France, one of the noblest ornaments of the world, most travels know of this city, but springtime in Paris is an excellent time to see the City of Light. Enjoy the top notch cuisine, wine and art. This without a doubt will rekindle the flames of romance.
  • Matagorda Island USA, care for some seclusion to find that peace and quiet, this 38 mile island is just what you need. Only 100 people at a time are allowed meaning you won’t be overrun by tourists. There are plenty of wildlife, secluded sandy beaches and that romantic sunset that you can kiss your partner to.


Active Adventures:

  • Tignes France, top ski resort with snowboarding welcomed. Very high elevation so the fresh powder is guaranteed. This expansive terrain is breath taking and exhilaration of the slopes is the main agenda. Nice and high with an over the top nightlife.

  • Whistler Canada, with one of the longest snow seasons in North America, March is a great time to visit. The motto of if you can’t climb up it, race down it, stride through it or suspend yourself then you won’t be interested. Unpack the powder under your feet and go.
  • Bonaire Dutch Antilles, one of the best diving destinations in the world. This is a Caribbean dream set in Marine Park. The water is clear and coral reef is vibrant, that will make for great photography. With little chance of rain the skies are clear to enjoy.

Family Getaways:

  • Valencia Spain, bring the little ones to enjoy the Fallas festival. Have yourself hot chocolate with a churro.  The festival will be burning huge papier mache puppets while fireworks will be exploding in the night sky. Nonstop partying for the family.
  • Chicago USA, St Patrick Day enjoy the parades and dark beers in my home! Spring time in Chicago is a great time to visit. The river flows emerald green, and everyone is Irish this weekend. By 9am everyone in the city is Chirish, the crowds are many. This is how Chicago welcomes in Spring!
  • Camargue France, a magical part of the country with pink flamingoes and cowboys. Lots for children to explore, from the wildlife marshes to Crusader forts. You are bound to see some cowboys roping in their black bulls.


Festivals and Culture:

  • Yucatan Mexico, a Mayan Mystery tour under a brilliant sunlit sky. Come for the many flavors that allow into the Mayan culture. Watch the descent of Kukulcan a rare phenomenon where the sun aligns with the steps that happen only during the spring equinox. Dive into the many sinkholes and underwater crystal water caverns, for the Mayans these were gateways to the underworld, magic flows here.
  • Berlin Germany, a weekend of great culture and cutting edge nightlife. A city with many great museums to see by day. By night you will have top of the line restaurants and clubs to indulge. Don’t forget to look up once and while, you might miss many of the modern architecture Berlin is famous for.
  • Barsana India, northern India explodes with dusty clouds of colored paint. This is the “Festival of Colors”; nothing encompasses the spirit of Holi better than the colors thrown out with such pleasure from the drab of winter. This Technicolor display is quintessentially an Indian Festival

Natural Wonders:

  • Sarawak Borneo, visit the funniest of our great apes the Orangutans. In this virgin rainforest watch primates as they learn to fend for themselves. Sepilok Rehabiliation centere is a great viewing spot to see their hidden world.
  • Ningaloo Australia, a natural wonder under the sea. Dive 60 ft with whale sharks and other marine life. This is a vast pristine reef, full of color and coral. March is the best time to visit for the coral bloom and the migration of whales. Australia’s best kept secret.
  • Isla Fernando De Noronha Brazil, enjoy these isolated tropical islands on a small scale tourism. These volcanic islands will have your interests peaked with this unique marine ecosystem. This is a beach lovers paradise, where even the sharks are friendly to the swimmers.

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