Imagine a city built during one generation that has the toppled all other known records of any city. A city that’s outstanding to comprehend and yet thrives in a desert that nothing should be there. Dubai takes it literally the statement that the sky is the limit. There is no “can’t be done” in this mega metropolis. A city with the tallest building, the highest rated hotel in, the longest man made canal, the largest shopping mall, the largest flower garden, and world’s largest manmade island just to name a few of these grand achievements. You will find so much luxury at this magnificent city that Diva Empire Travel recommends visiting even on a small budget.



1. First and foremost Dubai is surrounded by large spans of desert to explore. Before Diva Empire Travel guides you into the city, we recommend taking a safari excursion. You will need the half the day and be prepared for a lot. In one excursion you will speed down sand dunes, riding camels, tasting local cuisine, getting henna tattoos and seeing belly dancers to fire dancers for entertainment. This is a all in one package and very worth doing.  



2.Now for great viewing opportunities all next to each other we have a few of the biggest of everything. The tallest building, the biggest water fountain show, the biggest mall, biggest candy store, and the biggest indoor aquarium all walking distance from each other. The first place to visit for Diva Empire Travel would be the Burj Khalifa tower, at 2,717 ft (829.8m) is the tallest structure and building in the world. Visit the top floor and take your panoramic photos, have a cup of coffee as you’re literally on top of the world. After that spectacular view head over to the Dubai Mall, it is the second largest shopping mall in the world with over 1,200 shops. Once inside the mall, there are two places recommended to visit. One would be Candylicious, the largest candy store in the world, with the most variety of candy imaginable. Secondly right across from the store is the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo. This attraction has a 10 million litre tank and the largest suspended aquarium in the world. You can also pay to swim inside the tank. Also before leaving, don’t forget to visit the indoor waterfall and sculpture. After leaving the mall, go to see the largest choreographed fountain system show, set on the 38 acre man made Burj Khalifa lake. Imagine the Bellagio Las Vegas fountain times ten. This is an extravagant show and the best part is that it’s free. Now for the last photo from this location, head over to the “I Love Dubai” sign for a great photo of the city.


3.Diva Empire Travel recommends the next morning visiting Dubai Creek to take a pleasant boat ride along the skyline. As the sun freshly settles on the city and enjoying the gentle breeze. This ride will take you to the largest traditional gold market named Dubai Gold Souk. With over 380 retailers and also housing the world’s largest gold ring, named the Star of Taiba that is estimated round $3million, you will be amazed by the wealth on display. Another valuable prize in the area is the spice markets called the Dubai Spice Souk. You will have all the spices imaginable, tasting and smelling are encouraged also prepare to haggle as it’s the customs. Now to continue on this golden adventure we will head to the white sands of Jumeirah Beach. Relax and take in the golden sun on this strip of the Persian Gulf all along the city’s historic district. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches and it’s free. After a few hours our last final stop of the day will be the magnificent worlds only 7 star hotel, covered in 1790 square meters decorated in 24k gold named Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. Reserve a table and enjoy the fine craft of Michelin starred chefs with the finest French cuisine. The views here are spectacular.


4.Now for the last day in Dubai we have a gorgeous gem of a place to visit. The Dubai Miracle Garden with flowers as far as the eye can see. Diva Empire Travel recommends doing this trip in the morning, before the crowds and afternoon sun make it overwhelming. 72,000 square miles will have you walking through famous buildings and structures covered with over 50 million blooming colorful flower displays. This is one of the more Instagram able places, many photos to take. This can be done in 2 hours but we recommend at least 4-5 hours easily. Now to get out of the mid afternoon sun will we be going skiing! You read that right, head over to Ski Dubai which is an indoor ski resort which is part of the Mall of Emirates. This indoor mountain maintains 5 slopes, a 400 meter long run and a quad lift to take skiers to the top. You will also have a Snow Park play area, 3,000 square meters of sledding, climbing towers, giant snowballs and an a ice cave. There are also penguins, let’s not forget the penguins. Finally to round off the day between gorgeous flowers and snowy slopes we recommend an evening walk along the Dubai Marina. Key word the walk is free and with amazing city light views to see. Have a night cap drink at Marriott Hotel and enjoy the last night in Dubai.


5.As we say good bye to this opulent city in the desert, with so much else to see if you decide to go back, we say hi to its neighboring city of Abu Dhabi. First and foremost be prepared to be covered up for most of the sites here. The city has a lot more restrictions when it comes to entering places. Bring some extra-long sleeve shirts and shawls to cover up. The first magnificent holy site is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in the country; it is a key place of worship. Beautiful pictures but be prepared for a lot of tourists. To speed up the pace of the day we will be going to visit Ferrari world theme park. With many record breaking rides such as the Formula Rossa going 0 to 120 in 4.9 seconds, this park will have your adrenaline pumping. Now for others who prefer a slower pace or historians, we suggest the Heritage Village of Abu Dhabi. This will give you a visual representation of how the first settlers lived in the area, a re-creation of an Emirati village. Overall Diva Empire Travel recommends more time in Dubai, but these were the top locations to see.


As we mentioned there is a lot more to see and experience in Dubai that could easily take up two to three week to see everything. Some other attractions we have not mentioned are: various water parks, Lego land, Bollywood parks, Dolphin parks, Opera, other Aquariums; the list goes on for personal preference. Dubai is a whole world combined in one bustling city. Diva Empire Travel recommends this highly for a lifetime trip. It is hard to be disappointed by a destination like Dubai.

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