Where to travel in February?

February is the shortest month in the calendar but your traveling desires should not be limited. We are still in the winter months and Diva Empire Travel is here to make the most of it. So take the time off, leave that extra bowl of food for your cat, deactivate your social media and head to the airport with this list of travel destinations for February.

Natural Wonders:

  • Devon, England will have you enjoying the mild country side with plenty of nature trekking, birdwatching, and enjoying tea from your cozy cottage on the “Riviera” Found in southwest England, there are many medieval towns with picturesque views of fossil cliffs and sandy beaches to enjoy.
  • Sea of Cortez Mexico will have you amazed by its oceanic views. Swim with sea lions and manta rays from your beachside hut. Rent out a kayak and take the adventure with whales and dolphins swimming along next to you.
  • Kanha National Park in Asia is a huge wildlife sanctuary that holds many species of animal. Its prime attraction are the multitude of tigers all found in the heart of India. If you enjoyed “The Jungle Book” this is as close as you will come to it.

Unforgettable Journeys:

  • Inter-American Highway, take this epic drive in February when the rains aren’t so severe and the roads are clear. This Journey will take you past mountains, beaches, jungles and volcanoes. Load up the car and country hop away.
  • Cote D’Azur France famous for its glamorous beach resorts in southeastern France near the Mediterranean. Travel while the summer crowds are away filled with charming towns and fantastic culinary.
  • Blue Train South Africa a luxurious trains ride from Pretoria to Cape Town. Including meals, wine and even cigars. This is a lifetime experience enjoying a moving 5 star hotel in this beautiful country.

Luxury and Romance:

  • Dubai Middle East a super luxurious city with many splendid things to see. Skyscrapers fill the skyline and shopping malls equal to palaces. Enjoy the man made islands off the beach and take in all the lavish sights at a reasonable price.

  • Alentejo Plains Portugal, stay at one of the romantic fortified pousada overlooking the plains as far as the eye can see. The landscape dotted with cork oaks and olive trees. Visit the busy markets, untouched by tourism, famous for their olive, cheeses and local pottery.
  • Ang Thong National Park Thailand is a pristine chain of 42 islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Home to a rich variety of exotic wildlife and sea creatures. Towering Limestone Mountains, thick jungles, white sand beaches and hidden waterfall coves. Plenty of space to live a Robinson Crusoe adventure with postcard perfect images.

Active Adventures:

  • Zermatt Switzerland, relax in this quiet and peaceful town under the Matterhorn. Cars have been banned so it’s less fast paced but more enjoyable for skiing and other snow sports. Many boutique shops, hotels, and restaurants in this lively ski town.
  • Lake Baikal Russia is an ancient massive lake in the region of Siberia. Considered the deepest lake in the world. This ice safari introduces you to seals and spectacular underwater scenery.
  • The Lake District Chile gives you the feel of “Swiss scenery” with its clear lakes and snowcapped volcanoes. Relax in a luxury thermal spa hotel.

Family Getaways:

  • Florida Keys USA the high seas highway is a great road trip to take with the family. The strips of islands are joined like a tropical string of pearls over this Caribbean blue sea. Decompress over this 112 mile drive and visit the pleasant shops along the way.
  • North Island New Zealand is like stepping into Middle Earth along with your little hobbits. Plenty of open spaces, beaches, green meadows to journey on. Sprinkle in the Maori culture for this ancient land before time.
  • York England holds a traditional Viking festival in Jorvik Centre. One way to ban the winter blues is to see a procession of Viking street performers, clanging their weapons at the Jolablot festival. Take your little Vikings with you and raise your mugs in cheer!

Festivals and Culture

  • Angkor Cambodia is an ancient capital in the heart of a lush jungle with a hidden vast temple network. Explore this mystic environment as it comes to life with the rising sun over the jungle canopy. Every bit of surfaced is engraved with ballets, scenes from Hindu epics and grandeur. This place is a fairy tale come to life where even the towers turn into gold.
  • Havana Cuba a city that is untouched by the modern west. It is preserved in a 1950s charm full of rhythmic. February is perfect for visiting because the weather is sunny and dry. Great for exploring the history and beautiful beaches.
  • Agrigento Italy travels back in time in ancient ruins from a Greek era. Walk down pretty medieval towns with the beautiful Sicilian countryside around this remarkable collection of views.

These were just a few recommendations from Diva Empire Travel, if you enjoyed these or have feedback of your own, we would appreciate leaving your comments in the comment section, and subscribe to our Pinterest page for even more travel stories and helpful suggestions. Diva Empire Travel, travel is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.

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