Month of January Trip Suggestions!!!

January is usually a cold and dreary month so it makes it the best time to travel to warm lively places.  Diva Empire Travel has something for everyone. So after your New Year’s Resolutions what better time than now to start on those calorie burning adventures.


Natural Wonders

1. Indonesia is a beautiful country of natural wonders, 17,000 Islands, which includes Bali, surrounded by gorgeous coral reefs and extraordinary sea life. Visit Bunaken Marine Pk to experience this underwater park and be amazed at the vivid number of marine life.

2. Costa Rica’s rainforest jungles are totally exquisite and you will not feel overwhelmed by mass tourism. Enjoy the hidden jungles and colorful wildlife.

3. Norway is our one cold option but the festivals currently there will keep you in good cheer. Visiting Tromso will be the best spot to see the Northern Lights and leave you feeling in awe of beauty.


Luxury and Romance

1. Maldives Indian Ocean is a great romantic get away with cruises in luxurious sailboats and snorkeling in crystal waters.

2. Jamaica will have you enjoying with your partner the sweet rum and hot rhythm of reggae in the streets. You can go between parties and nature with much to do!


3. Crans Montana Switzerland is amazing because of their views and resorts in the mountains. Take your partner up in a hot air balloon ride and grace over the pastoral scenery.

Festivals and Culture

1. Bangkok a very busy city surrounded by temples and full of life. Witness the golden Buddha’s and bustling markets full of culture.


2. Monte Carlo is an elegant Destination on the Rivera. Enjoy the moments like James Bond, visit the Casino action or enjoy the Opera.

3. St Petersburg Russia enjoy this Imperial city of the Tsars, filled with art and architecture from a royal past. The city is built on a network of canals, and has one of the most cultured persevered cities in the world.

Unforgettable Journeys

1. The Yukon in Canada, a wild adventure that calls you into nature.  Enjoy the frontier life in cabins and yurts. Travel with a dog sled team for a magnificent wilderness adventure.

2. Patagonian Cruise South America, travel to the end of the world, the most southern region in the world. Take a legendary cruise through the Magellan Strait and witness whales, elephant seals, icebergs and glaciers like the first explorers had done circumventing the world.

3. Monument Valley Utah USA, travel through the American Landscape, with its great sandstone towers and magical landscape. Much culture can be found in this environment from the Native American tribes that have a connection to this surreal place.

Monument Valley

Active Adventures

1. Cairo to Cape Town bicycle ride across the continent. If you have 3 months’ worth of adventure, take the epic ride of 7,500 miles and journey into African grandeur.

2. Kilimanjaro Tanzania Africa, imagine watching the sunrise on the top of this iconic mountain. This is a story to tell your friends back home. Be prepared for fitness but necessarily climbing skills.

3. Jackson Hole USA North America, enjoy big thrill skiing with jaw dropping descents. This is a rugged ski resort with real cowboys on the slopes. How much more rough and tumble with fresh powder would you need.

Family Getaways

1. Hong Kong China a blend of tradition and modern life. Come visit for the spectacular fireworks for Chinese New Year. Enjoy magnificent temples and cloud bursting skyscrapers that will leave you full of good fortune for the New Year.


2. Miami USA a fun city with a great beach scene with many more things to visit. From shopping, Aquariums, Art Deco architecture, Kennedy Space Center and visit the Everglades anytime.

3. Gran Canaria Spain enjoys all year round mild weather fun with plenty to do. Swimming, surfing, cycling and explore the island with your family. Everyone will stay busy and happy on this adventure island.


These were just a few recommendations from Diva Empire Travel, if you enjoyed these or have feedback of your own, we would appreciate leaving your comments in the comment section, and subscribe to our Pinterest page for even more travel stories and helpful suggestions. Diva Empire Travel, travel is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.

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