You Jamaican me travel-hidden gems you need to see!


Visiting Jamaica seems super easy for Diva Empire Travel since it’s a small island.  Unfortunately there are no easy roads or express ways to take you around  places. So to get somewhere you might have to hustle a bit. Here are absolutely the best things to see on couple of days on your vacation without losing sun and beach time! Vital for a travel blog!

1.One obvious thing i have to say or it wouldn’t be a trip to Jamaica, is to visit  Bob Marley house. it’s almost a sin if you don’t. I really enjoyed that little trip. It’s not super far from Montego Bay and it’s worth to see. Meantime you can see how people live outside the resorts. You see the poverty that makes you look at life from another perspective. After visiting Marley’s house make sure stop by the alley nearby to get some brownies. The best I have ever had! Also, don’t confuse  Bob Marley’s house with the Bob Marley museum. The museum is in Kingston and it’s a very far drive. Totally not worth it unless you want to visit Kingston itself.

2. Jamaica has many really vivid, gorgeous waterfalls, traveling women can find their inner goddess. That is the best part of the falls, you not only get to watch them from far but you get to be part of them.  It’s an amazing experience. For my two favorite waterfalls, you have the options to walk, climb, or be in the water  to take photos. Unforgettable fun! Before you go to any of them make sure you will buy water shoes because they won’t let you in. Second water proof camera is advised. I struggled with my Nicon. Dunn’s River Falls is my first picture, fantastic view, and great cardio. I would recommend it for people who like a little extreme sports. You have to climb with the group and the instructor, which i didnt care for  about this tour. You really don’t have time to take any pictures. You also have to follow the group in certain pace. I couldn’t take my time. My second choice, which is absolutely phenomenal  is  Mayfield Falls! It’s less extreme but in my opinion more fun. Instructor follows you instead of you following him. You can take your time to take pictures and play in the water, it was fantastic. On top of it is much longer so you truly get the real feel of the falls. We at Diva Empire Travel recommend it!

3. Jamaica is one of very few places in the world who has so called luminous water! It’s really close to Montego Bay and it’s a priceless experience. You go on the boat after dark to the Luminous Lagoon. It’s pitch black dark. Then you jump to the water.. And here magic happens. Water starts to glow….. It’s a must see! You won’t regret it just like this travel blog haha

4. If you want to use your day to its maximum, then visit Negril. It’s a town in Western Jamaica. First you have miles of sandy beaches with turquoise water. Second you have a cool lighthouse to visit. Third you can do all your souvenir shopping. Forth my favorite is to visit famous RICK’S CAFE. Not only you can grab good food and look at the ocean but you can actually get crazy! Rick’s Cafe is known for cliff jumping! 35 feet high jump might be quite exhilarating! I had to jump even though i was scared of my boobies hitting the water. My friend wasn’t brave enough! I thought my heart will jump out and jump on its own hahahaha if you like something more extreme this is place for you! Finally not far from there is something for people who like to be healthy and relax BLUE HOLE MINERAL SPRING. Mineral springs with deep swimming cave and mud massage. Will leave you feeling like your body and soul got replenished!

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