The best exotic destination for travel beginners!!!


Well I wonder what you Diva Empire Travelers think the answer is? I’ve been in so many destinations and traveling, especially the far exotic locations, that it can be very difficult. But if you ready to leave your home country  and go international, exotic and something completely out of your comfort zone, pack your bags traveling women and go to Thailand.

You will thank me later hahahha    

Here are the 5 big reasons why Thailand is the best exotic country to visit for beginners!! I will also give you the dark and secretive reasons where other sites don’t talk about it…. Diva Empire Travel style

1. It is safe. As oppose to many places in the world, when you can’t leave the safety of the resort Thailand is a very safe country. Me and my mom spent a month over there, we would get lost in streets of Bangkok, party in Pattaya and Chang with no problems. When you feel safe you can take exploring to completely different level in this travel blog.

2. Whatever your interests for us traveling women are, you will find something for you in Thailand! I promise you that! Thailand is a magical place. You love history, there are so many shrines, opulent palaces and ancient ruins. You love animals, nothing better than visiting elephant kingdom, learn about elephants and feed them. My mom to this day can’t forget big juicy kiss she got from the elephant! You just love to chill and get some sun… Well you will do it on the most magical islands of Thailand in the world. Diva Empire Travel guarantee.

You are a movie buff? Well go to Thailand and explore places of so many movies that were filmed in Thailand, for example The Hangover 2; Bridget Jones; No Escape; The Beach or Rambo! Nothing better than to see filming locations and be the character.

3. As I mentioned above, women traveling and visiting sometimes can be challenging. Some countries don’t have such a developed infrastructure like Thailand. So getting from one place to another can be a hustle, that’s another reason why i love Thailand. It is a relatively small country, where you can get around most places by bus or train. You don’t have to take multiple planes or boats just to get to one destination. And trust me when you want to visit and explore, the last thing you want to do is to drag your big suitcases and waste your time at the airport. Big no no for Diva Empire Travel.

4. This is one of my favorite points, because it’s like a bonus for me! Since i spend all my money for traveling i don’t have much left for anything else. But when i go to Thailand i forget all about my expenses. Thailand has amazing shopping for imitations of your favorite brands. From Chanel, Dior, Armani expensive purses to clothes. I recommend you to take extra small bag because you are going to come back with huge shopping. I promise you that. I bought gifts for all my family and some for me. It’s a la la land for shopping for men and women. The perks of this travel blog.

5. I know i shouldn’t mention my last point but I will because it’s a huge and probably very important for some people. Sex tourisism is unfortunately huge in Thailand. So be ready to see that. You will see many young girls on streets of Bangkok, or lady boys on streets of Pattaya. So many people go there for that reason, others like me watch from a far. Regardless of what you views are you will find this world fascinating.

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