Amazing trip to Colorado for people who don’t ski like me:)


Welcome guys I Hope you like some of my personal choices with places I want to share  with you!

So the Diva Empire Travel bucket list was to visit the 50 states of The United States. So finally it was time for Colorado. But what can you do in Colorado? I have good info for my blog even though I dont ski. I thought there is nothing for me there. But I still had to go to find out on my own. My advice to you guys is to go at the beginning of Summer or late spring or early fall.

1. I started from the town of Durango and the Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. I started from the furthest place from the airport and drove back to Denver. Colorado offers several historic train rides. I highly recommend Durango and Silverton, you get to see two little towns where Silverton almost became a ghost town. Also, you going to have a splendid view from the train. It’s so much fun for Diva Empire Travel!

2. Colorado has breathtaking nature for us traveling women. I wanted to pull over every 10 min and take pictures! I couldn’t stop. But the most unique and must see I would say is Mesa Verde National Park. It’s not a far drive from Durango but it’s a must! Not only you get to see cliff dwellings but your camp ground is near many points of interest!

3. We are moving toward Denver, another must see place is the Great Sand Dunes and Preserve. Did you guys know that Colorado has the tallest dunes in North America? I didn’t know this either. The Park is wonderful and you can camping, hiking or sledding! Most importantly you can take breathtaking photos for your own travel blogs back home with you and brag to everyone about the dunes!

4. Next stop will be Colorado springs! It’s a very cute town and I absolutely loved it. The Springs were on our way and it’s actually full of different attractions to see and do. My favorite  was Garden of Gods. Located very close, easy to access by car. Not too demanding for walk or hike, perfect for me trying to look cute at the pictures and the park itself is phenomenal! Diva Empire Travel cute photos are our second priority.

5. When I go outside Chicago, I enjoy seeing places are particular famous for.  Colorado Springs has something very unique and that is the U.S. OLYMPIC TRAINING CENTER. Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center is home to Olympic hopefuls in various sports and disciplines. It’s super awesome to see where they train in the Olympic sized swimming pool. I also got lucky to see the men’s wrestling team training and I probably was a distraction for them. Perfect place to visit, doesn’t take too much time and you are going to enjoy yourself.

6. The final attraction in Colorado Springs, is how easy to get around it is. You will have a great time because it’s not too congested and on top of it you will be able to take magnificent pictures! I highly recommend THE BROADMOOR SEVEN FALLS. It’s a series of seven cascading waterfalls of South Cheyenne Creek. This attraction is perfect for the whole family and your traveling women crew.

7. I’m on my way back to Denver, There is plenty of things to do in the City! – BOTANIC GARDEN AND RED ROCK AMPHITHEATRE are nice stops to take some photos.  Also I think the best thing about Denver are the coffee shops! No not this kind of coffee shops! I’m talking about cannabis! All over the Denver you can find so many of these little cafes to buy marijuana in all kinds of form. From the truffle, gummy bears to regular flower! I think it’s a definitely a great bonus to the whole trip! Now I’m high in the sky, flying back home to plan my next trip!

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