5 reasons to reconsider your trip to China (most people do not even know about it ):)


1. It is harder to get Visa to China than to USA. With Diva Empire Travels we can accomplish this. I went with my polish travel agency from Poland but as a USA  citizen I had to get a Visa over here. Oh I thought it’s going to be piece of cake. Oh I was so wrong. Just when I think of it, it gives me anxiety. I was rejected two times in the embassy. I had to provide exact flight number and times, and at that time even my travel agency didn’t know my exact flight itinerary. To make it even better, my embassy  asked me names and dates of each hotel I will be staying at. I was going to China with an organized tour, so I didn’t have to worry about hotel, I was very wrong. Almost 4 weeks of China and needed names of 16 hotels  to be provided in Chinese. This was beyond ridiculous. If I didn’t already plan the trip i wouldn’t go jumping through all these hoops just to get a Visa. I waited for all the hotels names, my travel agency was sick of me and I still ended up to taking a private company to get me Visa for only $150 extra on top of everything. So give yourself enough time and preparation for China trip because they really don’t want to make it any easy for you. Even though you want to go there support their economy as a tourist.

2. Exchanging money in China is like in 1970. It’s another big cluster of problems. If you think you’re going to exchange money like it should be normal, you are so wrong. It’s a still communistic country so you have to watch out what you are doing. I went with a whole group of people. Once we got the there we had Chinese guide assigned to us and on the bus she took out her backpack and stared to exchange our money just like a street dealer wow. That’s apparently one way of exchanging money. Second way to exchange money is at your hotel by the front desk. But with this method was one problem. Very often when we got to hotel and wanted to get money they were out of money to exchange �������� what a country, what a deal. Diva Empire Travel approved!

3. If you are claustrophobic, scared of small spaces or fear of large crowds then you definitely need to think twice before going to China. Especially traveling women. Every single place you go, there are millions and millions of people. that will take you out of the comfort zone you are used too. Wherever there was something to wait for there wasn’t a line form, people would just mass up and push. All of them would go in at the same time without any courtesy to others. People in our group were so fed up with lack of manners, that they started to block them to get to us, so we had a chance of taking photos in most places. Finally if you enjoy nice quiet dinner, you can forget about that as well. Burping, slurping, chewing with their mouth open and making loud noises while consuming the food is a complement to the chef in Chinese culture. It’s not my thing but the food was still really good and i would let out a tiny burp after for the chef. My favorite part in travel blog.

4. Be prepared with the weather. We went in June thinking about this being a nice summer vacation. Nope. Forget it. Temperatures were close to 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit with 95% humidity. I thought my mom going to faint almost every day. What makes the experience even more unpleasant is that for China has horrible air pollution. Smog is there so advanced that sky almost every day is grey. You rarely will see a blue sky. Out of three weeks, we only had three days with blue skies after heavy rain. Best time to go there is April through May, or September through October.

China has many weird rules. For example they take your passport at the hotel when you arrive and they will give it back to you in the morning. But only if the room is in perfect condition. You can’t take anything from the room, even the tooth paste or any samples they will give you. So in the morning when you leave the room they run to your room check if you didn’t still the toothpaste :):):):):):)

One person from the group had little too much to drink so he packed remote control by accident. I thought they won’t let him leave China because of that! It’s so bad. Not Diva Empire Travel approved haha

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